How We Help

Your donation makes it possible for Hospice Angels Foundation to provide the best quality of life for patients and families facing life’s final journey. The ways we help are diverse and include everything from providing basic needs to making dreams come true.

Shelter Me

Hospice Angels fulfills individual aid requests for disadvantaged hospice patients who want to pass in the comfort of their homes.  Social workers apply on their behalf for aid related to:

  • Rent & mortgage payments
  • Home repairs (ramps, heaters, and air conditioning)
  • Utility payments (to avoid shut-offs)

Wish with me

To give something to someone that they thought would never happen is a truly magical experience.  Over the years, we’ve reunited families, planned trips to one last sporting event, and orchestrated a dream motorcycle ride.

Comfort Me

Opportunities to mourn loved ones who have recently passed is significant in the healthy grieving process.  Hospice Angels helps families come together and comfort each other through memorial ceremonies when they cannot afford to do so themselves.

Camp Good Grief/Bravery

Volunteer committees and grief professionals host free camp programs in various communities annually.  Camp activities focus on emotional healing in a safe environment and overcoming life’s obstacles.