Camp Experience

Camp Good Grief is a camp for children ages 5-17 who have experienced the death of a loved one. Although we recognize that there are various types of losses, CGG is specifically designed to assist children with the death of a person. This camp, provided at no charge to the camper or their family, assists children in working through their grief by allowing them to participate in a variety of therapeutic activities.

What is a grief camp?

These are physically and emotionally safe places where grieving children are offered the opportunity to have fun while expressing any or all part of their grieving process. These camps are conducted under the supervision of trained, compassionate, volunteers and staff.

What is offered at Camp Good Grief?

Nature based activities, arts & crafts, obstacles courses and more are offered to the campers. All activities are focused and designed to encourage the children to share their feelings and thoughts that they are experiencing on their grief journey.

Who should attend Camp Good Grief?

Any child age 5-18 who has experienced the loss of a special person in their life. (i.e. parent, grandparent, sibling, peer…)

When is Camp Good Grief held?

Camp dates vary from area to area, but are typically held in the spring and fall seasons.

Where is Camp Good Grief held?

Camps are usually held at local nature areas that include shelter, running water, open outdoor areas, and kitchen facilities.

Why are penguins used in the logo?

When the Founder of Camp Good Grief was developing the camp, she searched for something unique as the logo. While watching “March of the Penguins” she noticed how the penguins grieved and comforted one another after a loss. The similarities between the penguins and humans seemed to be a natural fit for a logo.

How can a child enroll?

Call your local Compassus office or click here for details.