Synthia Cathcart

Synthia Cathcart joined Compassus as vice president of quality in 2006 and has served as senior vice president of clinical services since 2013. She has 20 years of nursing experience, including 15 years in hospice care.

Preceding her roles at Compassus, Cathcart worked for Community Hospices of America, Inc., for 12 years, serving as vice president of patient services, director of corporate education services and educational coordinator. Additionally, Cathcart spent six years working for The Hospice of Southwest Missouri, Inc., where she served as clinical educator, educational services coordinator and nursing care manager.

Cathcart earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Southwest Baptist University. She has received credentials as a registered nurse, an oncology certified nurse and, in 2011, she became a certified trainer for the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium. Cathcart has also been involved in numerous professional activities during her career, including decades of experience as a developer and presenter of an eight-hour nursing education curriculum: “Pain Management in the Terminally Ill Patient.”